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Servant Leadership & Early Learning

with Pete Gurt

On the first episode of Withology, season two, Brian is joined by Pete Gurt, President of Milton Hershey School (MHS).


Milton Hershey School President, Pete Gurt, smiles in front of a brown background. Behind him the text reads "Withology podcast".


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MHS, one of the finest independent schools in the nation, serves nearly 2,000 young students from families of lower-income and boasts more than 11,000 alumni. In addition to a world-class education, the school provides other vital services year-round, such as housing, physical and behavioral healthcare, clothing, nutritious meals and much more – all at no cost to students’ families.

An MHS alum, Pete offers a deeply personal account of his experience with the school, from his first days on-campus at age five after the unexpected passing of his father, to what it meant for his mother to see him become president decades later, and his vision for the future.
Pete’s story is one of perseverance, leadership and service to others, harkening back to the values the school was built on more than 112 years ago. In 1909, chocolate magnate Milton S. Hershey and his wife Catherine – who loved kids but were unable to have their own – used their fortune to create MHS to help disadvantaged children lead fulfilling lives.

Let’s continue the conversation.
Let’s continue the conversation.

Not sure what “Withology” means? That’s because we made it up. Extraordinary things happen through collaboration, influence and inspiration. No successful person has ever achieved their goals on their own. Host Brian Tierney sits down with the nation’s most successful business and industry leaders to discuss their personal journeys and unpack the stories and people who helped them get to where they are today. Withology explores the philosophy that Brian’s parents instilled in him at a young age: anything is possible with hard work and great people.
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