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Leading Through Change

Insights from Dynamic Leaders

Join Brian as he explores the remarkable journeys of four dynamic Philadelphia leaders during a live recording of Withology.


Brian Tierney, Lisa Hughes, P. Sue Perrotty, Stacey Robertson, and Angela Val sit in front of a crowdBrian Tierney, Lisa Hughes, P. Sue Perrotty, Stacey Robertson, Angela Val


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Brian engages in insightful conversations with Angela Val, President and CEO of Visit Philadelphia; P. Sue Perrotty, President and CEO of Tower Health; Lisa Hughes, Publisher and CEO of Philadelphia Inquirer; and Stacey Robertson, President of Widener University, as part of the Breakfast with Brian series.


Dive into the experiences of these leaders as they successfully guided their companies through periods of change, particularly amidst the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover the emphasis on innovation, adaptation, communication, and leadership. Whether you work in healthcare, media, education or hospitality, some truths remain the same – these leaders work hard and have empathy for others.


Lisa Hughes, P. Sue Perrotty, Brian Tierney, Stacey Robertson, and Angela Val stand together smilingLisa Hughes, P. Sue Perrotty, Brian Tierney, Stacey Robertson, Angela Val


In this episode, each leader generously shares their expertise, offering valuable insights into what it truly means to be an effective leader, especially in times of change. Prepare to be inspired by the careers of these accomplished individuals, equipping yourself with the knowledge and motivation needed to navigate and triumph in times of crisis.

Let's continue the conversation.
Let's continue the conversation.

Not sure what “Withology” means? That’s because we made it up. Extraordinary things happen through collaboration, influence and inspiration. No successful person has ever achieved their goals on their own. Host Brian Tierney sits down with the nation’s most successful business and industry leaders to discuss their personal journeys and unpack the stories and people who helped them get to where they are today. Withology explores the philosophy that Brian’s parents instilled in him at a young age: anything is possible with hard work and great people.
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